Summer Art Classes

Summer Class 2019 Registration has begun!

We are so very excited to introduce our Full and Half Day Summer Art Classes.  Pick half day – morning or afternoon, or full day!  We have space in the rear of the building for a little exercise (hula hoops and jump rope!) and a little game playing too!  ClayZ Art classes make friends and memories.  Sign up for just one week, all six themes or the whole summer!  We’re local, convenient and can’t wait for you to join us.  Pick your weeks!  $50/week registration with remaining balance due first morning of class.

(Please note that 6 year olds may only attend half-day classes, no full days.)

Sparklable, Blingable, Magical
What’s more fun than unicorns, magical wands and fairies? It’s going to be a fantastical class…with glitter!

Week 1 June 3rd
Week 6 July 8th

*No Independence Day Classes

Life’s A Journey – campers and trucks, picnic tables..we’ll be creating our own campsite diorama.

Week 2 – June 10th
Week 7 – July 15th

It’s Your World (Week 3) & Christmas in July (Week 8)
It’s Your World is a creation class where the children create their own characters, world and more. They’ll have full creative license in mud, canvas, crafting materials and scenery.
Christmas in July – we’ll make a light up Christmas tree and other holiday themed gifts and items.

“Your World” Week 3 – June 17th
Xmas in July Week 8 – July 22nd

Summer at the Beach
We can’t have a camp without at least one beach themed week.  Projects will be completed with clay, canvas, mixed media and pottery…(and mermaids!)

Week 4 – June 24th
Week 9 – July 29th

Fantastic Florida
Pink Flamingos, Disney, Legoland, rockets – fun stuff that is all about Florida!

Week 5 – July 1st
Week 10 – August 5th

THE small PRINT:

Beginning in 2019 we have split our classes into two groups:

CAMP MONET for 6* – 8 years old, limited to 10-12 attendees

CAMP PICASSO for 9 years old and up, limited to 20 attendees

*6 year olds may only sign up for half-day classes, no full day classes. 

Also – for the first time, we are allowing “In-Training” staff consisting of helpers who are too old for class but too young to get a job (14 – 16 years old).  These ‘in training’ staff will be assisting our younger students or those having difficulty with the projects.   We do our best to create the projects noted in each of our camps; however, if supplies become unavailable or limited, we reserve the right to change the project accordingly (and sometimes we just find cooler projects).  We give your kiddos snacks…sometimes we make edible art, sometimes it’s just time for a cookie.  Please let us know if your child has allergies and/or pack a snack for them.

NO REFUNDS.  We purchase supplies and schedule staff around anticipated participation and those costs do not change.  You may reschedule with two weeks notice or substitute another child (ie. find a friend who would like to attend) if space permits.  Changes done with less than two weeks notice result in $10 change fee.

We plan our projects out to ensure that the children are learning as well as being creative.  Sometimes the children go in a different direction in their creativity, as long as that doesn’t disturb the other children we encourage individuality.  Example—we are making fish today, your child wants to make a dragon — we’re going to let him/her make that dragon.  We understand that your children can’t sit for long periods of time.  We offer jump rope, hula hoops and other no-contact outdoor activities periodically through the day.

During the course of camps we occasionally take pictures for use on social media.  We do not identify the children in the photo, just general pictures of the children enjoying projects and activities.

We will not allow any rough housing, wrestling or other contact activity.  Should your child need to be reminded of this more than once, we will notify the parents and/or the child will be removed from the outdoor activity for that day.  We do not allow electronic devices.  We shouldn’t have to say it, but unfortunately history has told us, we do — there is to be no name calling or off-color conversation, ie. drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.  Any off color conversation will result in receiving an unhappy call from us.  All children will be read the ‘rules of proper conduct’ on Monday.  Everyone is to be respectful of the other students and staff.  We do not discipline your children, but advise them that they have great parents who are paying for them to create and have fun; it would be a shame if we had to un-invite them to our daily activities.  If that doesn’t work—we can always put them in the kiln.  ?  No make-up classes.  Our class projects differ from walk-in offerings, and morning projects are different than afternoon projects.