Which one of these would work best for your group’s financial goals:

–  POTTERY PAINTING PARTY  We hold an event at our location at a specific time/date and we donate 20% of the pre-tax sales to you.  This type of event is best for those on varied schedules.

–  CANVAS PAINTING PARTY  Canvas painting classes are geared more toward older children (9+) and adults.  Our standard pricing for canvas painting projects is $30/person (with $10/person donated to you).  For larger classes (more than 30) we would suggest your location, a large auditorium or cafeteria type setting.  

HOLIDAY PAINTING PARTIES  Our most profitable opportunity.  Holiday painting parties allow your students, members, parishioners, etc. and families to paint as many ceramic ornaments as they wish.  After painting ornaments are brought back to the studio, have students’ custom messages added, glazed and fired, then returned back to the school in sorted individual bags for each student and classroom.

We provide a mock-up of the projects in a flyer you can personalize.  We set-up and clean-up.  You provide a place to paint and a few volunteers.  This program can be as small as one teacher’s classroom, grade level or the whole school or other similar group.  We also offer programs for Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and Grandparents’ Day with different projects, of course, but all budget friendly.

COMMEMORATIVE TILE WALL EVENT  ClayZ also offers a tile painting program where the personalized tiles can be installed permanently in- or outside the school to commemorate school events, graduating classes, parent and benefactor donations, etc. 

FUNDRAISING WITH CLAYZ IS FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!  Our goal is to hold at least one fundraising event for a non-profit organization (church, school, cause, etc.) each month in our efforts to give back to the community that supports our business.  We believe that ClayZ is a unique fundraising venue because all ages and abilities are able to participate and no one needs to be left out or behind.  From infant to infinity, all are welcome.  You do the advertising and we provide inspiration, instruction and mega-fun!

Previously, ClayZ eagerly donated gift certificates and/or gave discounts to those who asked.  Many of our contributions never made it to the event as intended or weren’t distributed.   What that meant to us is we didn’t get an opportunity to wow those winners/recipients with our awesome-ness or provide that personal touch we feel is a necessary reflection of our business.  In light of that, ALL future donations will be via fundraisers (our location or yours).  We want a “flip flops on the ground” approach to ensure everyone has a great time and we raise a lot of money for your cause.  So, PTO presidents, in-school organizations, churches and other non-profits, contact the studio directly or fill out the form below to schedule your fundraiser today.

Didn’t see something that fits your fundraising needs?  Give us a call and while we can’t meet everyone’s desires, we do try our best.  We can add fees to event tickets for drinks, snacks, door prizes, etc.  We can take care of the registrations on our website and send you a link to distribute to your organization and mailing list.  Let’s make your next fundraising event something they’ll be talking about for months!

All donation requests must fill out the form below (to satisfy the tax man!). Thank you.

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