POTTERY ? You sure don’t! Just come in anytime, pick your project and sit down to paint. We have plenty of room. If you are bringing groups of six or more, call ahead of time and we’ll get a table set up for your arrival. If you’re coming with a large group, be sure to check the events calendar or call in advance to ensure we have plenty of room. Some of our events are well attended and require reservations.

CLAYZ CANVAS, CLASSES AND EVENTS? Yes. All classes require advance registration and non-refundable payment. We purchase supplies based on registration and need time to get orders in and want to make make sure that there are plenty of supplies for all in attendance. If emergencies arise (and we know they do), we offer studio credit.

Well, that depends on the project you select and the complexity of your design. Younger children (7 and under) are typically done with their projects in 1/2 hour or less, unless they are crafty and creative at home. Children over 7 can take up to 1 1/2 hours to complete a project — and I would say that is average. Adults typically don’t leave until closing time – we are that fun! Now, keep in mind the size of your project, your design, number of colors used, etc. If you need to return to complete your project there’s a $5.00 studio fee for paint use, set-up and clean-up of your creative materials. We will hold your items for up to 30 days — after that, you should come pick it up and take it home or we’ll donate it to our favorite charity.

One full week — if you paint on Tuesday, return next Tuesday anytime to pick up your project. For an additional charge we can turnaround your project in four days, but we try to avoid rushing the process.

After you have completed your project we let it dry overnight, then we “dip” your project in our special clear glaze, then let that dry overnight. Our kilns are typically fired on medium speed, meaning that the kiln is “firing” for eight (8) hours, then because of the 3″ fire brick walls of the kiln, and how full the kiln is, the “cooling” process can take up to an additional 24 or more hours. If we were to open the kiln before proper cooling had occurred, all pieces could potentially be damaged from minor cracks to shattering.

Glass and canvas painting projects can be taken home the same day – we recommend it!

There is no age limit! Our customers range from newborn babies to our oldest customer so far was 92 years old (she did a lace technique plate that was GORGEOUS!).

Other than how long will it take, this is a hard question. It depends on what you pick — we have items that start at $5.00 and go all the way up to $80. Mugs, saucers, small items are approximately $18-25, while larger platters, chiminea’s, decorative items can be $60 and up. The average prices range from $15 to $30 and there is plenty to do in that range, albeit the higher you go the larger the selection. Our selection changes way too often to have a price sheet available, so you’ll just to come in and be overwhelmed with the huge selection and reasonable prices.

ClayZ Canvas prices are from typically $30 for a class, but some techniques require a little extra effort on our part and cost a little bit more.

No. We are an “ALL INCLUSIVE” studio. Our fees are included in the prices noted on each piece. If you can’t finish your project today and need to come back, there will be a $5 “studio fee” for clean up, etc.

Now, this is where it gets tricky. My typical response is NO. Our bisque, even after firing, is porous. The tiny stilt holes at the bottom of each piece allow water to be absorbed into the bisque and with water comes expansion, and with expansion comes tiny, hairline cracks. With that being said, I put my coffee mugs in the dishwasher all the time because I don’t mind those cracks. HOWEVER, if it was my children’s hand or foot prints, or something very precious to me – I would wash it by hand all the time.

I tell my customers no, although I know other studios do not. Your bisque is porous and the tiny stilt holes at the bottom of each piece allow moisture to be absorbed into the bisque (under the glaze). This moisture could turn to steam, expand and break your piece — but that’s not the worst part, if the heat was high enough to create steam, whatever is in your cup or bowl is extremely hot and now it’s running all over your microwave, your counter top, etc. and you could potentially burn yourself or others. Please be safe and do not microwave.