Wedding Showers

Bring the girls (and guys) and let them paint your pre-selected pieces with your coordinating colors, of if you like the eclectic look let them do what they want, or how about a commemorative plate to the groom and bride worthy of wall space in their home, or a signature plate for the guests at the reception to sign for a permanent piece of your first family history as it begins?  We can help with the details.  Bachelorette parties can also be planned at our studio after hours.

Baby Showers

Have the guests all make something to go in baby’s room — cute zoo animals, baskets to hold supplies, plaques for the walls, plates with cute sayings (we can supply ideas) and more.  Commemorative plates are a great group gift idea — just get a pebeo pen that becomes permanent when cooked in the oven!  As well, get a gift certificate for after the birth for baby to come in and get a footprint and/or handprint plate.  We have many styles available and, as always, we love to customize too.

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